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Persuasive Essay

Often it is difficult to take a decision and as a rule, in such a situation, people look for someone’s advice. At the same time it is quite difficult to say whether their final decision is that of their own or it is the result of the piece of advice they have got.

In fact, speaking about the problem of advice and analyzing the reason why people ask it and whether they know the answer for their question beforehand, it is necessary to point out that this question is highly subjective and extremely personalized. Nonetheless, in my opinion it is still the individual that takes the decision and people do ask for advice even though they already know the answer.

In such a situation, it is firstly necessary to draw some facts that would prove this statement. First of all it should be said that when people ask for advice they actually know several possible answers to their question. In other words, they already have several variants of possible advices they would be given because they know the subject on which they need to be advised, consequently, they plan their actions, they decide what they have to do and it is at this stage when the real necessity in advice appears.

Naturally, it is possible to say that people really looks for some solution of their problem they cannot find themselves independently. In this respect, it is necessary to remember that it is the individual that eventually takes the decision and it is not a secret that when people ask for advice they do not obligatory follow it, or else even if they follow the advice, it is necessary to take into consideration some personal characteristics, such as individual’s psychology, state of mind, mood, etc. because they also influence whether an individual accept the advice or not but still, to take this final decision, they have to compare and contrast the advice to their own judgment and only if they find the correlation to their own thoughts they follow the advice.

In such a situation, it seems to be quite strange that individuals ask for advices when they already know the answer and they simply pretend that they don’t known it. The explanation of such a situation is quite simple but at the same time it is rather diverse because in actuality there may be several reasons why they do it. Firstly, there are some people that are simply not sure in their own actions and decisions. This is why such people need someone’s advice because of their psychological weakness in taking decisions. Moreover, such people are as a rule dependent on some person, which is really significant in their life.

Furthermore, there are people who simply doubt at certain points and they simply want that the decision, they have already taken, was approved by somebody who is reasonable, intelligent, or authoritative enough. And finally, there are people that are self-assured but they ask for advice in order to compare their own judgments with those of other people and take their own decision underlying their independence and self-righteousness.

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Narrative essay

Narrating is a basic writing strategy for representing actions and events. As the term’s Latin root, gnarus (“knowing”), implies, narrating also serves to help people make sense of events in their own lives as well as events they observe or read about. From earliest childhood, narrating helps us reflect on things that have happened, explain what is happening, and imagine what could happen.

Narrating is one of the most versatile writing strategies, serving many different purposes. It can be used to report on events, present information, illustrate abstract ideas, support arguments, explain procedures, and entertain  with stories.

When we need to write a Narrative Essay, the most important thing we have to remember is that narrative approach requires telling some personal story. It can also be called a “short story.” It can be an experience or event from authors past life, also it can be recent or ongoing event. Narrative approach also can be used when we write about something that happened to somebody else, such as our relatives or very close friends. Also it is very important to remember that every Narrative essay should have a point, it means that in the final part of essay should be made some important conclusion based on the experience described.

To summarize, the narrative essay

  • is told from a particular point of view
  • makes and supports a point
  • is filled with precise detail
  • uses vivid verbs and modifiers
  • uses conflict and sequence as does any story
  • may use dialogue


There are several stages that every writer of Narrative Essay should pass before start writing. So calling prewriting stage. First of all he/she has to select an event that is really worth of writing about. It is very important to remember that good chosen topic is a 50 % of successful paper. Then writer needs to think about details that will make readers really understand the situation. After reading the paper every reader should feel like he/she was present on that event.


Once you have chosen subject and think about details, begins writing stage. There writer should remember next principles:

  1. All the conventions of storytelling should be included: plot, character, setting, climax, and ending.
  2. Usually Narrative essay written in first person, but if it is necessary third person can be used. However, be consistent. If you begin your narrative essay in the first person, use that throughout
  1. Deep погружение of readers in the problem is better than just telling some facts. Make readers fill involved in situation.
  2. Do not forget about details. In narrative essay can be mentioned even minor details for better effect of “presents”.
  3. Find a generalization which the story supports.

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American Revolution Essay

The war is the most terrible invention of human evil genius. I guess, no human can see so much horror as I have seen during the war. Nevertheless, I believe this war is a just war since I struggle for my country, for my family, my parents, and my beloved. However, frankly speaking I would readily move westward, far to the Prairies to escape from this war, which has already taken so many lives of friends of mine, who were ordinary American soldiers as I am. Unfortunately, I cannot escape from the war because I am a soldier and I have to serve to my country, to my people, even though this country does not exist yet. But I struggle on since I fight for my future and I hope that my children will never fights as I do because, if Americans win no single ruler can force them to fight anymore, to die purposelessly anymore, to get injuries anymore.

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Government Essay

The political life is traditionally very complex and often people fail to understand adequately nuances of the domestic as well as international politics. Nevertheless, people cannot be excluded from the political life. In stark contrast, the active involvement of citizens in the political life of the country is an essential condition of the execution of basic human rights and liberties and democracy is impossible without the participation of citizens in the political life. In this respect, it is possible to refer to the example of the US, where the participation of citizens in the political life of the country is one of most important democratic traditions, especially when the time of elections comes. At the same time, average Americans can face serious problems, while assessing and evaluating political programs of different candidates or political parties. In such a situation, they do need the assistance of intermediaries, including media, which bridge the political elite and political forces of the country, on the one hand, and electorate, or average citizens, on the other. Hence, intermediaries are essential and their role in the political life and participation of citizens in the political life can hardly be underestimated.

On analyzing the role of intermediaries and their function in the political life, it is important to lay emphasis on the fact that they perform an essential role of bridging the political forces of the country and the electorate. In this respect, it is possible to distinguish several functions performed by intermediaries. Firstly, they convey the message of political leaders and the ruling political elite to the electorate, i.e. people, citizens who have the right to vote and who, as the matter of fact, elect the political elite. In such a way, it is through intermediaries people receive clear and understandable messages from the political elite. In this respect, it is worth mentioning the fact that the original message of political leaders can be not understood properly by citizens because they are incompetent in certain issues related to political life as well as other spheres of life. In such a situation, intermediaries interpret and explain the message of political leaders to the electorate and help people to shape their opinion about the message and issues raised by political leaders.

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Triumph of the Will essay

In the history of cinematograph the period before and during the World War II is well known for a number of propaganda films, which attracted huge social attention and were aimed on raising social and political activity of the nation. Triumph of Will (Germ. Triumph des Willens) could be the best illustration of propaganda cinematograph of pre-war times.  It’s black and white, full-length film, produced by a number of activists o0f German cinematograph of that times under direction of Leni Riefenstahl (real name Berta Helene Amalie Riefenstahl). Leni Riefenstahl is famous for her actress and directing career and later became a famous photographer, as after the 2nd World War her directing career fall into decay as she was strongly associated with Nazis. The aim of this essay is to analyze the peculiarities and the manner of film making of those times. Seek for the methods Leni Riefenstahl has chosen to reach her target group and observe with the help of the propaganda films peculiarities   the typical image of propaganda films. At the times it was released the film was strongly honored by the European publicity and achieved several awards.  Nowadays it could be related to as a piece of historical illustration, one of the best illustrations of Nazi party at the peak of it power: “Designed by Nazis, for Nazis, and about Nazis. Triumph of the Will was filmed by the German Propaganda Ministry in 1934 and directed by Leni Riefenstahl. The film covers the events of the Sixth Nuremburg Party Congress”. The film was intended to show the documentary of the early days the NSDAP, to create a magnificent monument for the future generations to remember how the Third Reich was started. How magnificent aqnd powerful it was. In reality historians consider this film to be the perfect illustration of Nazi propaganda and their influence on masses. It is essential that highly influenced by Adolph Hitler, who has a unique talent to reach the masses by the strong and terrifying power of his words, in order to implement his personal intension

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Describing an Event Essay

Sport is a part of our life… you can say that it is ordinary words. But many people were a part of incredible athletic event on July 28 in Detroit. It was dancing program as a component of AAU Junior Olympic Games. People like not only professional sport, but they are also interested in amateur sport. And they had an excellent possibility to be a part of AAU Junior Olympic Games. Sporting events are popular nowadays and stadiums collect thousands of people to look different athletic matches. Amateur Athletic Union has an aim to involve people in for sports and help them to realize their dreams. The AAU Junior Olympic Games are the competition held annually by the US Amateur Athletic Union. It has a long history and took beginning from 1967, when first AAU Junior Olympic Games were open on August 21 in downtown Washington, D.C. at the Departmental Auditorium on Constitution Avenue. It was a good idea to create such competition and give an opportunity to young people to take part in different sporting events.

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Rhetorical Theory Essay

The development of rhetoric is traditionally attributed to ancient Greece, where rhetoric has started to develop and evolved in a kind of art. In the course of the development of rhetoric numerous theories emerged which aimed at the development of effective approaches to rhetoric and which facilitated the use of speech to meet the main goal of rhetoric – persuasion of the audience. In actuality, the rhetorical theory still has the same ground since it is the art of using language as a means of persuasion. At the same time, the rhetorical theory has a solid theoretical ground which makes rhetoric not only a form of art but also a kind of science, with its own methods and techniques used for the persuasion of the audience.

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Book report on “Worked to the Bone” by Pem Buck

Worked to the Bone“Worked to the Bone” by Pem Buck is the novel that reveals the evolution of the rural population of Kentucky from the early 20th century till present days era. The author raises very important issues, which traditionally remained unnoticed by the public, including issues of social inequality which actually eliminated the frontier between whites and blacks, but racial prejudices raised such barriers and were intentionally maintained by the ruling elite. In fact, the book provides an extremely interesting retrospection of the development of rural areas of Kentucky, where people have undergone dramatic influences and where they suffered from poverty, racial discrimination, internal conflicts and confrontation.

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Custom essay on Influence of Television Violence on Youth


Today, television is the mainstream medium, which influences substantially the public opinion and, what is more, it has the power to influence the formation of an individual’s identity. In such a situation, the television violence has a particularly significant and dangerous impact on the audience, especially youth, whose identity, moral values and beliefs are in the process of formation. At the same time, it is important to remember about the fact that television is only a part of a large impact of mass media on human consciousness and identity. Therefore, the impact of television violence on youth should be viewed in the context of the overall impact of media violence on youth. In the contemporary world, the impact of media on the behavior of people can hardly be underestimated.

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