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Strayer Online Home Page My Institution Tutoring Library Career Resources Media Help AMERICAN HISTORY AFTER 1865 HIS105061VA016-1192-001 WEEK 9 SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT 3: AMERICA AS A SUPERPOWER

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Assignment 3: America as a Superpower
Due Week 9 and worth 120 pointsThe previous assignments focused on domestic matters in U.S. history. This last assignment explores America’s international role in recent decades. By the mid-20th century, the United States had become the dominant force in international relations. Some have argued that the United States’ military functions as the world’s “police.” This assignment covers the manner in which this shift occurred and the consequences the United States faces as a result of its status as “policeman of the world.” One can identify early steps this direction well before World War II, but in this paper focus on the period from the 1940s to the present. Examine the statement below and drawing from provided sources, present a paper with specific examples and arguments to demonstrate the validity of your position.Statement—in which you can take a pro or con position:After giving general consideration to your readings and your research, select one of the positions above as your position—your thesis. (Sometimes after doing more thorough research, you might choose the reverse position. This happens with critical thinking and inquiry. Your final paper might end up taking a different position than you originally envisioned.) Organize your paper as follows, handling these issues: Length: The paper should be 500-to-750 words in length. Research and References: You must use a MINIMUM of four quality academic sources; the Schultz textbook must be one of them. Two of them must come from the online library—either those library sources listed or others. Your other source should be drawn from the list provided below. This is guided research, not open-ended Googling. Source list for Assignment 3: Some sources are “primary” sources from the time period being studied. Some sources below can be accessed via direct link or through the primary sources links on Blackboard. Each week has a different list of primary sources. For others, they are accessible through the permalink to the source in our online library: Sources below having as part of the URL have a permalink to that source in our university’s online library. SWS Form for the textbook: Kevin M. Schultz. 2018. HIST: Volume 2: U.S. History since 1865. 5th ed.G. H. W. Bush. March 6, 1991. Address before a Joint Session of the Congress on the Cessation of the Persian Gulf Conflict. J. F. Dulles. Jan. 2, 1954. Secretary Dulles’ Strategy of Massive Retaliation. M. Klare. July 15, 2002. Endless Military Superiority. C. Paul. 2008. Marines on the Beach: The Politics of U.S. Military Intervention Decision Making. eBook. C. Powell. Feb. 6, 2003. Transcript of Powell’s UN Presentation. R. Reagan. March, 1983. Remarks at the Annual Convention of the National Association of Evangelicals. Kevin M. Schultz. 2018. HIST: Volume 2: U.S. History since 1865. 5th ed. S. M. Tarzi. Sept. 2014. The Folly of a Grand Strategy of Coercive Global Primacy: A Fresh Perspective on the Post-9/11 Bush Doctrine. assignment must follow these formatting requirements:The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:Click here to view the grading rubric. Purchase the answer to view it


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Time Capsule

While acknowledging that the human beings and the world are always evolving, Heraclitus of Ephesus, in c 500 BCE, stated that change is the only constant thing. Over the years, the globe has witnessed numerous changes that have enhanced people’s lives. A century ago, people would only dream of some of the innovation that the individuals enjoy in the contemporary society. For example, five centuries ago, people could not believe it would be possible to communicate directly with an individual miles away via handheld gadgets. Through cave drawings and stored artifacts, the modern person understands the life of the early man. More specifically, time capsules show that early man used crude weapons made from stones, used fire, and wore skin hides. Similarly, it is important to construct a time capsule that helps future generation understand the social, political, and economic aspects of the contemporary society. The following time capsule focuses on life in modern U.S.A and it is dedicated to youth living in the year 2218. The capsule will be buried at America’s largest park: Chugach State Park in Alaska.

Buildings: Prototype of the MIT Stata

As the world’s superpower, America is a hub for sophisticated pieces of architecture. Modern buildings integrate complex designs. There is a high emphasis on functionality and energy-efficiency among users. The following is a prototype of MIT Stata Center that was designed in 2004.


Transport: Hoover Board

Unlike most of the early forms of transport that relied on human or animal power, most means of transport in America are electric including cars and trains. Means of transport that use renewable energy are popular. Electric skateboards and hoover boards are popular among the youth. This time capsules includes a hoover board.

Communication Technology: iphone

Technological innovations have greatly impacted the communication sector. Most people communicate via social media platforms the most popular being twitter, facebook, and youtube. The iphone remains the most sought out communication device.

Clothes and Fashion: Denim Jeans and Sneakers

Currently, the U.S. is the leading trendsetter in the fashion design industry followed closely by Italy and France. Modern clothes are characterized by colors and novel patterns. Denim clothes and sneakers are the most popular among the youth. Men sport tight and rugged clothes.

Health and Medicine: 3D bioprinter

With the ever increasing demand for organs, the U.S has emerged as a leader in 3D organ printing.

Weapons: M17 and M18 Pistols

Over the years, America’s military has played an important role in the country’s history. In 2017, the army started using its M17 and M18 weapons. Other weapons include the M4S.

Agriculture: Autonomous Robots and drones

In tandem with America’s goal of enhancing its food security, engineers have developed state-of-the-art robots that till, plant, and harvest without any human intervention. Farmers are able to monitor and spray their crops with drones.

Education: Smartboards

Smartboards are an advancement of white boards. However, smartboards record what is written and offer tangible visual elements.

Entertainment: Virtual Reality Devices

Entertainment plays a primary role in America’s social, economic, and political platforms. The American youth are enthusiastic about virtual reality devices which simulates realistic experiences. These devices provide an immersive environment that is similar to the real-life scenarios.

The Adddas Smart Ball

In 2018, soccer remains the most popular sport in America and in the world. In tandem with this, Adidas has introduced a smart ball with sensors that detect flight path, spin, speed, and impact point. The sensors transfer the data to a smart device via Bluetooth.